Notable And Increasing Video Game Injuries

notable and increasing video game injuries


With the re-introduction of nostalgia for childhood, the older method of gameplay is getting back to give this generation the taste of multitasking. The arcade game was proven to help improve a child’s cognitive development. For this, many people buy arcade machine Melbourne so that the kids do not injure themselves while playing video games in the long run. Speaking of injuries, the effects like depression and anxiety are not the only negative impact the child suffers. There are some gaming injuries that children end up getting for playing video games excessively. The damages sometimes become fatal to the children; hence it is crucial to identify them and avoid them as soon as possible so that they do not end up destroying their future. Without any further ado, it is time to look through the video game injuries the kids suffer from.

Video Game Injuries Which Are Crossing Limits:

  • Computer Vision Syndrome:

One of the notable and increasing game injuries children suffer from is called computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome is not specific to or results from the unlimited playing of games. Computer vision syndrome occurs if the child is continuously watching the computer screen. This case can be related to addicting RPG or simulation games where 90 percent of the players spend their time on the computer screen for more than three hours. This syndrome is where the eyes are not relaxed because they are exposed to the screen lights. Continuously watching something on the screen from close will put tension in the eyes, resulting in blurry vision, irritation, dry eyes, severe headaches, etc.

The solution is that the kid will have to reduce the gaming time and lie in bed, closing their eyes for hours. Blink the sights continuously and apply the 20-20-20 rule; you will have to look at something else after 20 minutes. It is better to look at green scenery to improve eye vision.

  • Back Pain And Neck Pain:

The pain will occur if you sit in the same position for hours. If the sitting posture is poor, the pressure on the joints will be more significant. This excessive pressure will tire out the joints in the back and neck, resulting in severe pain. Try to take a break and walk and stretch for joint relaxation. Regular exercise will prevent pain and ensure proper posture.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This syndrome occurs when there is a narrowing between the bones and ligaments of the wrists. It occurs during the continuous clicking of consoles. It is best to wear a wrist splint at night to keep it straight. There are several wrist exercises available on the internet to prevent numbness.

  • Epileptic Seizures:

Many video game companies publish a warning sign of epileptic seizure during the start of the game and on leaflets. This is because many users can be photosensitive, and if the game includes continuous flashing of lights or contrasting colors, the user may suffer from a seizure attack. If the kids are photosensitive or suffer from epilepsy, ensure they avoid this kind of game. It is better to consult with a pediatrician first.


Continuous gaming will have adverse effects on even healthy children. The children can adequately utilize their free time if a healthy lifestyle routine is maintained.


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