Quick Treatment For Sprained Ankle

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A sprained ankle is when the ligaments get torn or stretched due to unexpected or sudden pressure on the ankle. Nothing is as painful as the pain one receives from a sprained ankle. Sometimes the ankle spraining is such that one ends up requiring immediate surgery. If a person is affected mildly, the ligaments are stretched, and movement irritates. Unfortunately, if the person suffers severely, the ligaments tear up entirely, and as mentioned before, surgery is required. Statistically, women and sportspeople suffer the most when affected by a sprained ankle.

ankle sprain treatment near me

It is rare for familiar people to suffer from severely sprained ankles, and if worse, mild ligament damage occurs because of unfortunate accidents. One does not need to search for “ankle sprain treatment near me” on the internet as it is easy to treat a sprained ankle with a few things at home. Although it is true that it takes time to recover from a sprained injury, appropriate care can reduce the swelling and pain much faster than usual.

Some First-Aid Tips:

If you think your ankle is sprained, the first step is to keep your head calm. A calm mind always helps to perform first-aid in the best way.

  • Never put pressure on the sprained ankle, as it increases the risk of further bone injuries. Sit in a position from where the ankle can quickly be elevated and be in a comfortable position.
  • For safety measures, Moov spray can be applied, and ibuprofen can be taken to reduce pain.
  • Use a bandage to keep the ligaments in place and from further movement.
  • If the pain and swelling appear serious without delay, consult an orthopedic specialist and use crutches till then.

Home Remedies For Sprain Ankle Treatment:

One needs a doctor’s prescription and conventional medicines to recover from the injury quickly. Still, to make recovery faster, home remedies can be used to eliminate pain. The steps include:

RICE Technique:

Although not the actual rice, this technique does include the ice. R stands for rest; hence rest as much as possible. Elevate the injured ankle with a pillow or anything similar, so the ligaments are not misplaced. I stand for ice, or frozen peas can also be used. Use it at least four times to reduce pain and swelling. C stands for compression, like keeping the ankle properly bandaged, and E stands for elevation. As mentioned, supporting the ankle elevated using a pillow prevents fluids from joining. Overall, it will ease the pain and swelling.

Heat Pack:

The spreading of proper heat raises the blood flow, which in turn helps in quick healing. Do not use a heat pack while the ankle is swollen. Once you have reduced the swelling through medications and RICE, use the heat pack for 20 minutes.


A type of physiotherapy that helps strengthen the muscle and turn it limber. Stretch the ankle by moving it in all directions thrice a day, and do it slowly first, then flex the foot clockwise in all directions.


Overextending the stretching might end up in Grade 3 damage. Whatever technique you use to recover, ensure to do it slowly without any pressure. The critical part of the treatment is to provide the slow regeneration of the tissue. Or you can buy a commercial treadmills for home which will help you to get rid of it.

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