Solid hardwood flooring maintenance tips


The warm, pleasant radiance of solid hardwood flooring exudes comfort and elegance. State-of-the-art technology has made available to the homemaker minimal maintenance solid hardwood flooring, which is protected from dust, water, scratches, and most other problems that cause wear and tear. These stylish floor fashion alternatives for home, apartments, condominiums, and offices, eliminate the age-old worry of having to routinely clean, wax, and polish the floor. Hardwoods in flooring are a great investment and increase the real estate value of your home, making a polished fashion statement concurrently.

Position of your hardwood floor is an important factor to be considered before installation. To allow for solid wood flooring expansion and contraction with environmental changes in relative humidity, do remember to leave an expansion gap between the floor and the wall when putting in place.

Its thickness allows for repeated sanding and refinishing without wearing away. Hard, solid wood flooring is available in almost every wood grain color, stain, and pattern to match your individual style and budgetary needs. Accessories by way of decorative strips and inlays, specialty molding, and pre-fabricated pieces that harmonize your solid hardwood flooring with the décor and theme of your room are offered by most manufacturers.

Whether you need a rustic oak finish to give a pastoral look to your home or desire to off-set your furniture with a complementary wood flooring option, you are sure to find a reliable source on the internet, with affordable pricing, shipping and handling costs rolled into an attractive package.

After installing, the solid hardwood floor, your real battle will be started. You will need to clean the hardwood floor properly so that it will look like a new for a long time. Some tips on cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors are given below-

1) Vacuum every week

To keep the hardwood floor in a new condition, you should vacuum your hardwood floor once or twice in a week. It will bring the hidden dirt from the hardwood floor. Vacuuming your hardwood floor can also keep the finish of it.

2) Sweep and scrub every day

Using Rubbermaid handheld reveal, you can scrub your hardwood floor every day. For everyday care of your hardwood floor, this is the best handheld device. Spillage is one of the common problems we face every day if we have children at our home. Scrubbing with Rubbermaid handheld reveal, you can pull out the stubborn marks from your hardwood floor.

3) Keep your hardwood floor away from the water

You should use water to clean your hardwood floor as little as you can. Water can create a lot of problems on your wooden floor.

So, these are few tips on protecting and maintaining your hardwood floor.

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