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There are many reasons you should consider juicing.  Most of all are the terrific health benefits you can receive from freshly made fruit and vegetable juices.

Here are some other benefits to juicing:

  • Juicing allows you to consume more fruits and vegetables than you normally would.  It is more concentrated nutrition therefore one glass of juice may contain over 5 servings of fruit or vegetables in its original form.
  • Easier to consume the fruits and vegetables.  It is faster and more enjoyable to “drink” the produce than it sometimes is to eat the same amount of them.
  • No added oils or salt.  Typically, we like to put butter/margarine, salad dressings and salt on our cooked vegetables.
  • No added sweeteners, chemicals or preservatives.  It is hard to find a store bought fruit juice that doesn’t have added ingredients other than the fruit.  Added water can further diminish the nutritional strength of the juice found in stores.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables have more nutrition.  Cooking denatures the natural properties of the produce.  Eating these raw allows the enzymes to be maintained.
  • Better absorption of the nutrients.
  • Bigger variety of fruits and especially vegetables than you would normally eat.  You might be able to tolerate the taste better of certain veggies if they are part of a yummy juice.
  • Nutrition that would otherwise be locked in the peels and skins is now available to your body.  You can juice the whole fruit or vegetable, including the skin.
  • The juice you create and even the pulp can be added to recipes to add to their nutritional content.
  • All family members can get involved, especially kids (with adult supervision of course.)  Children are much more likely to try (and enjoy) the juices when they are involved in their creation.
  • Experimenting with different fruits and vegetables to create new juices is lots of fun!

I think you will agree that there are a lot of reasons to choose to juice.  To get started you’ll need a juicer if you don’t already have one.  Check out our recommended juicers to find one that is right for you.For More Information just visit:

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